Circular and Cumulative Causation and the Social Fabric Matrix

This study combines the problem orientation of instrumentalism and the systems analysis of circular and cumulative causation (CCC) through the utilization of a social fabric matrix (SFM) and network digraph. The SFM is utilized to articulate part of the Nebraska State system used to distribute state funds among local K-12 public schools. The empirical content is used to derive conceptual conclusions about CCC and to make comments about a controversy regarding agents, institutions, and new rule development. This study provides a refinement of CCC, and it confirms that rules are not the result of self-action by agents.

Publication Information
Article Title: Circular and Cumulative Causation and the Social Fabric Matrix
Journal: Journal of Economic Issues (Jun, 2008)
v. 42 iss.2
Author(s): Hayden, F. Gregory
Researcher Information
Hayden, F. Gregory
Hayden, F. Gregory
  • Public Finance
  • Social Fabric Matrix
  • Ecological Economics
  • State Educational Finance
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