Economic Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) has been shown to be associated with increases in rates of cancer, morbid conditions of the respiratory and cardiovascular system and increases in the rates of spontaneous abortion and perinatal mortality. The authors combine exposure data, data on increased morbidity and medical and indirect cost data, all derived from published reports, to estimate the total economic cost of ETS exposure in the United States. Total annual costs for conditions with well-documented increases in morbidity, excluding economic losses related to pregnancy and the newborn, are estimated at over $5 billion in direct medical costs and over $5 billion in indirect costs.

Publication Information
Article Title: Economic Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Journal: Society of Actuaries (Mar, 2005)
Author(s): Behan, Donald F.;  Eriksen, Michael P.;  Lin, Yijia
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