Multiple Diffusion and Multicultural Aggregate Social Systems

The purpose of the paper is to explore the potential effects of the presence of subcultures on the diffusion of an innovation within the total, aggregated society. It is argued that these subcultural groups are separate social systems with their own unique diffusion patterns and, therefore, unique but predictable patterns of acceptance of an innovation. After discussion the nature of social systems, factors that result in different diffusion patterns are detailed and their effects on the rate of acceptance are discussed. The implications of these differences for marketing theorists and practitioners are discussed. Recent Paper Presentations (1997-present) (Each can be found in the respective proceedings. Does not include those published as journal articles.)

Publication Information
Article Title: Multiple Diffusion and Multicultural Aggregate Social Systems
Journal: International Marketing Review (Jan, 1997)
Author(s): Parthasarathy, Madhavan;  Jun, Sunkyu;  Mittelstaedt, Robert A
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