An Exploratory Cognitive DSS for Strategic Decision Making,

Research on decision support systems (DSS)/executive information systems (EIS) has been primarily concerned with the behavioral aspect of managerial work and has largely ignored the cognitive aspect of decision support. Rather than focusing on the manager's information need on “critical success factors” and the need for supporting specific decision making, this research emphasizes the need to support the decision maker's general thinking processes to reduce cognitive biases in decision making. This paper reports the design, development, and exploratory assessment of a prototype cognitive decision support system (CDSS).

Publication Information
Article Title: An Exploratory Cognitive DSS for Strategic Decision Making,
Journal: Decision Support Systems (2003)
Vol. 36
Author(s): Lee, Sang M;  Chen, J.
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Lee, Sang M
Lee, Sang M
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Systems
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  • International - South and Central America
  • International - Asia
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