Interview: Information and Communication Minister Sang-Chul Lee

An ordinary person who enjoys what he/she is doing is much more productive than a

genius who dislikes what he/she is doing." Sang-Chul Lee, Minister of Korea's Ministry of

Information and Communication, believes enjoying one's work is more important than ihe

person's skills. In a press conference after his inauguration as minister, he stated that

Korea is now no longer just an advanced IT country but a global IT leader. He believes

that strengthening the international competitiveness of the Korean IT industry is the

foremost task of his ministry.

From 2000 to 2001, Sang-Chul Lee was the chief executive officer of KT (Korea Telecom)

and previously served as the first CEO of Korea Telecom Freetel known as KTF, a mobile

communication firm. As CEO of KT, he transformed KT from a "dinosaur" public utility

iirm into a private enterprise by selling off the government share of KT stock in spring


Mr. Lee is an expert in the information/telecommunication area who graduated with a

B.S. from Seoul National University, an M.S. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and a

Ph.D. from Duke University, all in electrical engineering. He worked as a senior

researcher at both Western Union Spacecom and Computer Science Corp. As CEO of KT

and KTF, he demonstrated his exceptional managerial skills and global mindset. Now, at

this critical juncture as Korea attempts to become a global IT powerhouse, Mr, Lee is the

architect for the future direction of the Korean IT industry.

Minister Lee oversees establishing basic government policies on:

• Overall management and coordination of national informatization strategy

• Development of high-speed information and communication infrastructure

• Implementation of major national strategies related to information and


Strengthening international cooperation concerning IT and informatization issues

• Developmenf of strategies for broadcasting, satellite business, and media content

• Management of Korean mail and postal finance operations.

[Mr. lee stepped down as Minister when a new administration took office on February

28. 2003. The Korean government's poiicies regarding information and communication

technology are not expected to change under the new administration.

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Article Title: Interview: Information and Communication Minister Sang-Chul Lee
Journal: Academy of Management Executive (2003)
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