RFID-based Ubiquitous Commerce and Consumer Trust

Purpose – This paper aims to investigate processes of how RFID-enabled systems affect consumers' trust and acceptance of u-commerce, emphasizing a feedback loop where consumers' post-transaction trust affects their initial trust.
Design/methodology/approach – A simulation model using system dynamics (SD) is developed to show the importance of trust issues involving RFID technology, decomposing complex processes of trust building in u-commerce into a set of feedback loops with a causal-loop diagram.
Findings – The results of simulation runs indicate that well-established policies, especially for current privacy issues, should be in place to increase consumers' acceptance of u-commerce.
Originality/value – The research provides insights into the development of RFID-based consumers' trust in u-commerce, and policies to increase consumers' trust in u-commerce. The research model was developed and verified using SD.

Publication Information
Article Title: RFID-based Ubiquitous Commerce and Consumer Trust
Journal: Industrial Management and Data Systems (2007)
Vol. 107, No. 5
Author(s): Lee, Sang M;  Park, S.;  Yoon, S.;  Yeon, S. J.
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Lee, Sang M
Lee, Sang M
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