On Reviewing

The author comments on the benefits and importance of the peer review process in the "International Journal of Advertising." He argues that being a reviewer keeps a scholar entrenched in his or her field, and that editors should not refuse to review for less prestigious journals. He suggests that reviewing can help the reviewer to keep ahead of the publication lag time in current research. He recommends addressing criticisms to a manuscript rather than a person when reviewing.

Publication Information
Article Title: On Reviewing
Journal: International Journal of Advertising (2006)
Vol. 25 Issue 2, p247-250, ISSN 0265-0487
Author(s): Carlson, Les
Researcher Information
Carlson, Les
Carlson, Les
Professor and Nathan J. Gold Distinguished Professorship
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Socialization
  • Marketing Communication
  • Services Marketing
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