On Gender Balance in the Economics Profession

Jonung and Stahlberg speak to the issue of mission women in the economics profession in five industrialized countries-The United States, Austrialia, Great Britian, Canada, and Sweden. As their article indicates, women have made significan strides in the last third of the twentieth century in expanding their represenation as students in higher learning in these and other countries throughout the world. However, what they ask us to consider is the something ticklish question of why we have not seen a proportinal increase in the representation of women as faculty-particularly in the discipline of economics.

Publication Information
Article Title: On Gender Balance in the Economics Profession
Journal: Economic Journal Watch (May, 2008)
5(2) pp. 193-198
Author(s): May, Ann Mari
Researcher Information
May, Ann Mari
May, Ann Mari
Professor of Economics
  • Gender and Higher Education
  • Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy
  • U.S. Economic History
  • Women and the Economy
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