Toyko Round Tariff Reduction and the Less-Developed Countries

This paper presents new evaluations of the multilateral trade negotiations from the perspectives of (1) the objectives established by GATT signatories in the Tokyo Declaration, and (2) the LDCs' goals for the negotiations. It also attempts to resolve some of the controversy over the gains and losses which MFN tariff reductions would generate for LDC exports, some but not all of which receive preferential access to advanced-country markets. The analysis indicates that even minor improvements in tariff preferences would have been superior to or have compensated for MFN tariff cuts.
Publication Information
Article Title: Toyko Round Tariff Reduction and the Less-Developed Countries
Journal: The International Trade Journal (1987)
v. 1 iss. 4
Author(s): MacPhee, Craig R
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MacPhee, Craig R
MacPhee, Craig R
  • Emerging Markets and Transition Economies
  • Import Tariffs and Tax Policies
  • International Trade & Finance
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