Reciprocity and Insurance: Comment

The recent contributions to this journal by Herbert S. Denenberg and J. David Cummins examines reciprocity, one of the major issues in the ITT-Hartford Fire Insurance merger case. They enumerate the forms of reciprocity, the types of reciprical agreements that are illegal, the adverse economics efforts of reciprocity, the characteristics of insurance conducive to reciprocity, and the reasons why companies such as ITT would practice this business tactic. They conclude that a 1969 District court denial of a motion to bar the ITT-Hartford merger.

Publication Information
Article Title: Reciprocity and Insurance: Comment
Journal: Journal of Risk and Insurance (Mar, 1973)
Author(s): MacPhee, Craig R
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MacPhee, Craig R
MacPhee, Craig R
  • Emerging Markets and Transition Economies
  • Import Tariffs and Tax Policies
  • International Trade & Finance
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