congrats August 2020 grads

Ready to Lead the Future of Business

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! The entire Nebraska Business community is so proud of you. While we need to wait for a later date for your Commencement, we want to help make celebrating your achievement now easier.

Celebration Kit Husker Hired Additional Benefits

CoB Graduation Celebration Kit

After attending the university's Go Big Grad celebration online, host your own virtual or drive-thru graduation party with the help of our kit.
It includes everything from customizable invites to photo props.


Customizable Invites

Fill in your name and online or drive-thru party information into one of several PowerPoint slide designs. You can save it as a .jpg to be able to email to family and friends or post in a private Facebook event. You can also customize one of the two Instagram Story invites.

View Customizable Invites

Video Message from Dean Kathy Farrell

Watch a special video message from the Dean of the College of Business. You can also screenshare and play it at your online party if you’d like.

Watch Video

Zoom Backgrounds

Share these with your attendees so they can jazz up their backgrounds to celebrate.

View Zoom Backgrounds

Printable Banners

Get festive with a Class of 2020 or Congrats Grad printable banner.

View Printable Banners

Printable Props

These props and yard signs will make it more fun.

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No graduation party is complete without some Husker-related snacks. Share these recipes – favorites of CoB faculty and staff – with your guests so you can enjoy them together.

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Runza and Valentino’s Delivery Information

Did you know you can have ready-to-bake Runzas and Valentino’s delivered?


Social Media Life Update: You’re Husker Hired

Want to share your employment or graduate school news with your friends on social media? These graphics will help you tell everyone you’re Husker Hired.

Husker Hired Instagram
Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter Graphics

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Husker Hired Instagram
Facebook Profile Frame

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Additional Benefits

Husker Connect

Don't forget Husker Connect provides a platform for Nebraska Business students, alumni and professionals to actively connect.

Huskers guiding Huskers on campus, in careers and through life.

Husker Connect

Update Your Alumni Address for Upcoming Events

Please update your preferred email address with the Nebraska Alumni Association so you will receive invites to future College of Business alumni events and tailgates.

Update Contact Information

Free Nebraska Alumni Association Membership

Claim and redeem your complimentary, one-year membership with the Nebraska Alumni Association.
An invitation was sent via email and postcard.

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Special Tuition Discount

Any University of Nebraska–Lincoln undergraduate earning their degree between May 2020 and May 2021 will receive the following benefits if they enroll in at least one course in the semester immediately following their graduation (fall or spring):

15% off tuition for the entire program (no prerequisites)
Automatic acceptance into the program with GPA of 3.2 or higher (as a UNL undergraduate)

Learn More
Does not apply to current or graduating graduate students.

Stay Updated on the College of Business on our CoB Alumni Page

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