Benjamin Franklin left us with many words to live by. As it relates to the Nebraska Council on Economic Education (NCEE), perhaps one of the most fitting is, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Our young people will undoubtedly continue to surpass their predecessors in mind-boggling advancements in science, medicine and technology, among other fields. While some of these disciplines might seem more dynamic or flashy, an understanding of finance and economics provides a fundamental base for success in any field.

The NCEE assists classroom teachers by providing creative and practical applications that bring economic education to life for students. As a high school student, I personally benefitted from one of the Council’s programs, The Stock Market Game, in 1987, getting hands-on exposure to Black Monday. Today, the Council continues to build on nationally-recognized programs like The Stock Market Game and Finance Challenge by bringing new ideas like financial literacy rock concerts to middle and high school students.

An investment in NCEE will reward our society with future dividends in the form of well-grounded Nebraskans armed with exceptional financial skills to lead our country in many industries.

Best regards,

Gary Grote, Executive Chair
Nebraska Council on Economic Education
Bridgepoint Merchant Banking
Gary Grote, Chair
Gary Grote, Executive Chair