Structured to Fit Your Life

MBA@Nebraska is ranked 15th in the world for online class interaction. We combine engaging, intuitive, mobile technology with our world-class Big Ten faculty to create a dynamic online learning experience.

Relevant & Interactive Classes

Designed for Balance

All classes last just 8 weeks, so you can take multiple classes per semester and concentrate on one concept at a time. Advance your career while you continue to excel at your current job and keep your family commitments.

Developed by Experts

All of MBA@Nebraska’s classes are designed by expert faculty who are advancing scholarly research and leading the conversation on what’s next in the field of business.

Built with Leading-Edge Learning Technology

MBA@Nebraska is built on the Canvas platform which has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and save you time.

Guided Video Walkthroughs

We hate flat PowerPoint presentations, too. Your professors will frequently serve as on-camera guides to break down complex concepts.

Watch a Video Walkthrough

Stay in Tune with Your Curriculum

PowerPoint presentations can make even the most interesting topics hard to follow. In this lecture, you’ll see MBA@Nebraska professor Dr. Jake Messersmith walk you through the key elements of talent acquisition.

A Classroom in Your Pocket

With our mobile app, you’ll get notifications for course updates and have the opportunity to message faculty or jump into coursework from wherever you are.

See the App in Action

Use the App to Stay on Track

Adding tasks to your to-do list, keeping track of due dates, checking grades, messaging faculty and peers, and even watching lectures can be done from the palm of your hand. The Canvas app is a valuable asset in managing your MBA@Nebraska learning experience.

Class Sessions

Participate in optional live group discussions that are recorded for later review, and collaborate with faculty and fellow scholars in real time.

Watch a Live Class Session

Learn from Your Professors in Real Time

In this recording of a live session, MBA@Nebraska professor Dr. Richard DeFusco walks through financial theories and works real-life problems with his students via webcam and screen sharing. During a live session, you can ask questions, participate in discussion, and follow along in a virtual classroom. Even if you can’t attend or need a refresher, you can view it on your own time as live sessions are recorded for later access.

Consistent Class Structure

All MBA@Nebraska classes are structured the same way. You can easily hop into a new class without tech stress, allowing you to focus on learning what’s really important.

See Class Structure

Skip Stress, Stay on Task

You won’t have to worry or waste time with learning what’s located where with each course you take. Each class is structured with consistency in mind, allowing you to flow from one course to the next.

Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements for MBA@Nebraska

Minimum technology requirements include a webcam and microphone, as well as an operating system that is compliant with the online learning platform, Canvas.

Screen Size

Canvas is best viewed at a minimum resolution of 800x600. If you want to view Canvas on a device with a smaller screen, we recommend using the Canvas mobile app.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 and newer (users on Windows 10 need to download the 10 Anniversary Update to submit Canvas assignments)
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer
  • Linux - chromeOS

Mobile Operating System Native App Support

  • iOS 7 and newer (versions vary by device)
  • Android 4.2 and newer

Computer Speed and Processor

  • Use computer less than 5 years old if possible
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GHz processor

Internet Speed

Along with compatibility and web standards, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.

Minimum of 512kbps

Screen Readers

  • Macintosh: VoiceOver (latest version for Safari)
  • PC: JAWS (latest version for Internet Explorer)
  • PC: NVDA (latest version for Firefox)
  • There is no screen reader support for Canvas in Chrome

Additional Requirements

Some courses may require additional technological components. Please review the syllabus and contact the instructor with specific questions about technology required for a given course.