Juris Doctor/MBA

New Students

If you have not yet applied to either the College of Law or MBA program, you must independently apply for admission to both and meet the application requirements of each. If you are accepted by both colleges, you will then automatically be admitted to the joint degree program. MBA Program Admission College of Law Admission

Law Students

If you have been admitted to, or are currently enrolled in, the College of Law, and have completed no more than 48 hours at the College of Law (33 hours of first year courses and 15 hours of upper-level courses), you may apply for admission to the MBA program. If admitted to the MBA program, you will automatically be admitted to the joint degree program. Law students must begin coursework in the College of Business no later than the fourth semester.

MBA Students

If you are enrolled in the MBA program and have not completed more than 12 credit hours of MBA courses, and have received a grade of B or better in each MBA course, you may apply for admission to the College of Law. If admitted to the College of Law, you will automatically be admitted to the joint degree program.


Prerequisites must be completed no later than within the first semester of the MBA program with a grade of C or better. Students cannot take GRBA811, 812 or 851 until the prerequisites are satisfactorily completed.

  • Calculus – MATH104 or MATH106 or equivalent
  • Statistics – ECON215 or STAT218 or equivalent

Curriculum & Logistics

You must complete a total of 84 hours at the College of Law: the standard first year curriculum (33 hours) and 51 hours of upper-level courses. Up to 15 hours of the 84 hours of courses taken at the College of Law can be used to satisfy the 48 hours required for the MBA degree. The remaining 33 hours for the MBA must be graduate-level College of Business courses.


  • For law courses that will count toward the MBA degree, students must register for the “G” course.
  • Students must complete the first year curriculum at the College of Law, after which, they are free to take both law and business courses.

Core Requirements (30 credit hours)

All core courses, with the exception of GRBA853, should be taken before MBA electives.

  • GRBA808 – Introduction to Business Strategy
  • GRBA809 – Financial Accounting
  • GRBA811 – Managerial Finance
  • GRBA812 – Managerial Economics
  • GRBA813 – Managerial Marketing
  • GRBA814 – Applied Organizational Behavior
  • GRBA815 – Supply Chain Management
  • GRBA816 – Strategic Human Resource Management
  • GRBA851 – Business Analytics
  • GRBA853 – Strategic Management and Business Policy

Some core requirements may be able to be waived if an approved, equivalent, senior-level course was taken in the student’s undergraduate program. Nebraska courses that will be considered in lieu of MBA core requirements:

  • FINA461 – Advanced Finance may be substituted for GRBA811
  • ECON311 and 312 – Intermediate Macro and Microeconomics may be substituted for GRBA812

Waivers will not be granted based on courses that were taken more than five years ago.

Breadth Requirements (9 credit hours)

3 hours must be a course that is cross-listed with a business department and law. Examples include, but may not be limited to:

Cross-listed Law/Business Courses

  • ACCT818/LAW618G – Taxation: Farm and Ranch
  • ACCT837/LAW637G – Taxation: Individual Income
  • ACCT828/LAW683G – Taxation: Corporate
  • ACCT848/LAW648G – Business Planning
  • ACCT863/LAW663G – Taxation: Individual Income II
  • ACCT945/LAW745G – Partnership Taxation
  • ACCT967/LAW767G – Estate Planning
  • ACCT968/LAW768G – Estate Planning Problems
  • ACCT969/LAW769G – Tax Policy Seminar
  • ECON814/LAW783G – Insurance Law
  • ECON827/LAW699G – Land Use Planning
  • ECON828/LAW628G – Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • ECON829/LAW645G – Unfair Competition
  • ECON830/LAW793G – Products Liability Seminar
  • ECON880/LAW753G – Labor Law
  • ECON886/LAW633G – Administrative Law

3 hours may be a College of Law professional skills course:

  • LAW 610G - Appellate Advocacy
  • LAW 648G - Business Planning
  • LAW 617G - Construction Practice
  • LAW 635G - Family Law Practice
  • LAW 658G – Clinical Practice - Entrepreneurship
  • LAW 696G - Client Interviewing and Counseling
  • LAW 710G - Mediation
  • LAW 720G - Advocacy in Mediation
  • LAW 733G - Advanced Legal Research
  • LAW 740G - Negotiations
  • LAW 741G - Pretrial Litigation
  • LAW 761G - Trial Advocacy
  • LAW 782G - Advanced Trial Advocacy
  • LAW 792G - Externship (if approved by the Law School Dean)
  • LAW 794G – Immigration Clinic
  • LAW 798G - Civil Clinic
  • LAW 799G - Criminal Clinic

3 hours must be from a business department that is different than the business department used in the course cross-listed with law.

Electives (9 credit hours)

  • LAW 501G – Contracts I
  • LAW 502G – Contracts II
  • LAW 503G – Torts I

GRBA098 – MBA Assessment (0 credit hours)

This is required of all graduating MBA students for assessment data collection. Students will be required to successfully complete and pass the Major Field Test (a nationally normed exit exam), the MBA program exit survey, and an employment survey.

Memorandum of Courses

If a student completed Law courses that will count toward the MBA degree requirements prior to admission to the MBA, these courses should not be listed on the Memorandum of Courses (MOC) filed with Graduate Studies. If a student takes Law courses that count toward the MBA degree requirements after admission to the MBA, the student should enroll in the “G” section of the Law course and it should be listed on the MOC.

Academic Eligibilty

A student in the joint JD/MBA program must receive at least a grade of B in each course taken at the College of Business. A student who does not satisfy this requirement will be dropped from the joint degree program and cannot apply for readmission. A student who is dropped from the joint degree program can still pursue an MBA degree and a JD degree, but must meet the normal requirements for each. Those requirements are 48 hours for the MBA and 93 hours for the JD with no dual credit for any courses.

Conferral of Degrees

Students enrolled in the joint JD/MBA program will normally receive a JD degree only after satisfying the joint degree program requirements for both the JD and MBA degrees. Students must file a separate application for each degree.

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