Name Employer Title Location Graduation
Albaghal, Tarek University of Essex, Inst for Social & Economic Research Senior Research Officer Essex (UK) Aug 2012 (Ph.D.)
Allen, Laura BH Media (Omaha World Herald) Market Researcher/Data Analyst Omaha, NE May 2016 (MS)
Arthur, Ann University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ph.D. Student Lincoln, NE May 2011 (MS)
Ay Kesgin, Meryem ANAR Ankara Sosyal Arastirmalar Merkezi Researcher Ankara, Turkey May 2012 (MS)
Azad, Mashura Self-Employed SAHM Dubai (UAE) Aug 2003 (MS)
Barry, Amanda (Libman) Fors Marsh Group Researcher Washington, DC May 2013 (MS)
Bautista, Rene NORC, University of Chicago Survey Methodologist Chicago, IL Aug 2015 (Ph.D.)
Benitz, Yukina Oriental Trading Company Senior Customer Insights Developer Omaha, NE May 2017 (MS)
Bennett, Chad IBM Research Consultant Lincoln, NE May 2000 (MS)
Bilgen, Ipek NORC, University of Chicago Survey Methodologist Chicago, IL Aug 2011 (Ph.D.)
Burke, Allison LPC Consulting Associates, Inc. Project Manager Sacramento, CA May 2016 (MS)
Callegaro, Mario Google Survey Research Scientist London (UK) May 2007 (Ph.D.)
Chang, Moh Yin Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Data and Research Director Lincoln, NE May 2010 (Ph.D.)
Charoenruk, Nuttirudee (Fay) Chulalongkorn University Lecturer, Department of Statistics Bangkok, Thailand August 2015 (Ph.D.)
Chatt, Cindy MMA VP Account Management New York, NY May 2004 (MS)
Chen-Duda, Mary National Research Corporation Research Lincoln, NE Dec 2003 (MS)
Cheng, Fei Wen Walong Marketing, Inc. Market Research Analyst Buena Park, CA Dec 2003 (MS)
Chin, Tzu-Yun Buros Institute (UNL) Assistant Director Lincoln, NE May 2002 (MS)
Christensen, Adam Press Ganey Associates Senior Consulting Analyst Lincoln, NE Aug 2004 (MS)
Cochran, Beth James Madison University Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Harrisonburg, VA Aug 2017 (Ph.D.)
Cordova Cazar, Ana Lucia University San Francisco de Quito, Department of Political Science Assistant Professor Quito, Ecuador Dec 2016 (Ph.D.)
Countryman, Austin Nielsen Research Scientist Chicago, IL May 2015 (MS)
Crabtree, Steve Gallup Consulting Specialist Washington, DC Aug 2000 (MS)
Dash, Kunal Nebraska Dept of Education Statistical Research Analyst Lincoln, NE Aug 2014 (MS)
Deal, Caitlin American Institutes for Research Survey Methodologist-Research Associate Washington, DC May 2015 (MS)
Deng, Shanshan (Sarah) Bureau of Sociological Research Project Manager Lincoln, NE May 2017 (MS)
DeVries, David NE Dept of Health & Human Services, Div of Behavioral Health Epidemiology Surveillance Coordinator Lincoln, NE May 2000 (MS)
Feng, Chun Celerion Statistician Lincoln, NE May 2009 (MS)
Filkins-Vogt, Becky UNL Center for Applied Rural Innovation Rural Poll Program Manager Lincoln, NE May 2000 (MS)
Ganshert, Amanda (Timm) Bureau of Sociological Research Project Manager Lincoln, NE May 2017 (MS)
Gohring, Nicole BOSR, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Project Mgr. for the NE BRFSS and the NE Adult Tobacco Survey (ATS) Lincoln, NE Dec 2014 (MS)
Gopalakrishna, Mukund Technology Start-up Product U/X Consultant New York, NY Aug 2003 (MS)
Hastings, Matt Nebraska Department of Education (Data, Research and Evaluation) Senior Administrator Lincoln, NE Dec 2017 (Ph.D.)
He, Ping Brigham and Women's Hospital (Harvard Medical School) Lead Statistician Boston, MA May 2005 (MS)
Heese, Jill Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Post-Secondary Education Research Coordinator Lincoln, NE Dec 2012 (MS)
Heithoff, Abigail National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium Data Curator Washington, DC May 2015 (MS)
Heng, Ling-Miean Maxis Berhad Head of Campaign Management Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Aug 1999 (MS)
Herron, Brandy MoonMaker Founder Fort Collins, CO Aug 1999 (MS)
Hicks-Truman, Andrea Gongos Research Director/Strategist Ann Arbor, MI May 2002 (MS)
Hjermstad, Erik Experian Statistical Analyst Lincoln, NE May 2005 (MS)
Huang, Lei Univ of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Public Health Statistician Birmingham, AL May 2011 (MS)
Hughes, Jon Gallup Senior Consultant Atlanta, GA Dec 1999 (MS)
Ismailova-Hoessel, Ainura Nielsen Senior Statistician Detroit, MI May 2004 (MS)
Jayaprakash, Asha Infogroup Director, Data Strategy & Analytics Omaha, NE May 2004 (MS)
Jiang, Lingrui Epsilon Director Boston, MA Aug 2005 (MS)
Jiao, Rui Westat Statistician Washington, DC May 2007 (MS)
Johnson, Patrick WCG and ReconMR Analytics and Consulting Austin, TX May 2013 (MS)
Joseph-Wulf, Jennifer ConAgra Consumer Insights Manager Omaha, NE May 2002 (MS)
Kaminska, Olena University of Essex Survey Statistician Essex (UK) Aug 2009 (Ph.D.)
Kephart, Kathleen US Census Bureau, Center for Survey Measurement Mathematical Statistician Washington, DC May 2009 (MS)
Khor, Hooi Hong Dec 2003 (MS)
Kreitlow-Fryda, Sarah National Research Corporation Senior Research Analyst Lincoln, NE Aug 2003 (MS)
Krider, Jennifer Deloitte Consulting Market Researcher San Francisco, CA Aug 1999 (MS)
Kruse, Yelena St. Joseph Health UCSF Staff Nurse, SRMH Oncology & Palliative Care Unit San Francisco, CA Dec 2007 (MS)
Larsen, Luke US Census Bureau Survey Statistician Washington, DC May 2003 (MS)
Lee, Sunghee University of Michigan Assistant Research Scientist Ann Arbor, MI May 2001 (MS)
Li, Qin Food and Drug Administration Statistician Washington, DC Aug 2003 (MS)
Li, Tiandong Westat Statistician Washington, DC Aug 2003 (MS)
Liao, Dan RTI International Research Scientist Washington, DC May 2005 (MS)
Littvay, Levente Central European University Assistant Professor Budapest (Hungary) May 2010 (MS)
Liu, An Blue Focus Data Analyst Milwaukee, WI May 2009 (MS)
Liu, Bing PhoCusWright Senior Analyst, Consumer Research Hartford, CT Dec 2001 (MS)
Liu, Xiaoming (Sam) Wells Fargo Risk Analyst Charlotte, NC Dec 2005 (MS)
Liu, Zhiling FICO Senior Director Beijing (China) May 2002 (MS)
Ma, Xiaoqian University of Nebraska-Lincoln Project Assistant Lincoln, NE May 2017 (MS)
Marincic-Griffin, Jamie University of Michigan-PSID Research Scientist Ann Arbor, MI Dec 2011 (Ph.D.)
Marlar, Jennifer Gallup Methodologist Omaha, NE Dec 2008 (MS)
Mbulo, Lazarous CDC OSH Global Tobacco Control Branch Survey Statistician Atlanta, GA May 2002 (MS)
Meng, Yongmei Merkle, Inc. Statistician Baltimore, MD Dec 2008 (MS)
Miller, Debbie University of Nebraska-Lincoln (QQPM) Ph.D. Student Lincoln, NE May 2009 (MS)
Mink, David ICON Late Phase and Outcomes Research Research Manager San Francisco, CA May 2000 (MS)
Nagarajarao, Kumar Nielsen and Survey Practice Online Journal Senior Scientist and Co-Editor San Francisco, CA Dec 2006 (MS)
Newquist, Brian MA Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education Data Analyst/Statistician Boston, MA Aug 2004 (MS)
Nylund-Gibson, Karen University of California, Santa Barbara Assistant Professor Santa Barbara, CA May 2002 (MS)
O'Brien-Kriegler, Bethanie Experian Statistical Analyst Lincoln, NE May 2000 (MS)
Oltman, Tim Nielsen Research Scientist Chicago, IL August 2015 (MS)
Palmer, David Brigham Young University-Idaho Faculty, Department of Mathematics Rexburg, ID May 2006 (MS)
Pearson, Jennie Peerless Insights Consultant and Co-Founder San Francisco, CA May 2009 (MS)
Perez Berestycki, Javier National Council for Culture and the Arts-Mexico Secretary of Exterior Relations Nutley, NJ May 2007 (MS)
Petrova-Peytcheva, Emilia RTI International Survey Methodologist Raleigh-Durham, NC May 2003 (MS)
Peytchev, Andy RTI International Survey Methodologist Raleigh-Durham, NC May 2002 (MS)
Phillips, Lynn University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Marketing) Ph.D. Student Lincoln, NE May 2013 (MS)
Powell, Rebecca Research Triangle Institute Research Survey Methodologist Research Triangle Park, NC Dec 2016 (Ph.D.)
Ricci, Kay Nielsen Research Specialist Washington, DC May 2014 (MS)
Richards, Ashley RTI International Survey Methodologist Raleigh-Durham, NC May 2010 (MS)
Ruther, Nick Abt/SRBI Project Manager/Analyst Silver Springs, MD May 2013 (MS)
Sanchez, Monica Global Business Travel Association Project Director for Research Washington, DC May 2005 (MS)
Sayles, Harlan UNMC, Dept of Biostatistics Statistical Coordinator Omaha, NE May 2007 (MS)
Schultz, Lisa Experian Statistical Analyst Lincoln, NE May 2000 (MS)
Serrano, Emilio Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance BI Manager Des Moines, IA Dec 2006 (MS)
Smathers, Lynne CT Horizons, LLC Assistant Build Manager Trumbull, CT May 2004 (MS)
Stange, Mathew Mathematica Survey Researcher Ann Arbor, MI Dec 2014 (Ph.D.)
Steele, Clarissa Wisconsin Center for Education Research, U of Wisconsin-Madison Survey Researcher Madison, WI May 2010 (MS)
Steele, Elizabeth Gallup Consulting Associate and Regional Director Minneapolis, MN May 2017 (MS)
Swenson, Sara Emnos USA Manager of Analytics Chicago, IL May 1999 (MS)
Swift, Adam Kenexa/IBM Data Integrity Analyst Lincoln, NE May 2013 (MS)
Tang, Ge GfK Senior Research Analyst San Francisco, CA May 2009 (MS)
Tian, Yongbin Millward Brown Associate Director Shanghai City (China) Aug 2003 (MS)
Tsabutashvili, Dato Gallup Advanced Design and Analytics Washington, DC May 2013 (MS)
Usmanova-Elsner, Natalia HSM Group Director of Research Strategy Scottsdale, AZ Dec 2004 (MS)
Villani, Hugo University of Manitoba Ph.D. Student Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) Aug 2004 (MS)
Villar, Ana City University of London Research Fellow London (UK) Dec 2009 (Ph.D.)
Walton, Lauren Nielsen Research Specialist Tampa, FL May 2012 (MS)
Wang, Mengyang University of Nebraska-Lincoln (SRAM) Ph.D. Student Lincoln, NE May 2014 (MS)
Wang, Ying GfK Senior Research Associate San Francisco, CA May 2010 (MS)
Weisser, David ReviewCloud Product Director Lincoln, NE May 2001 (MS)
Wells, Brian UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
University of Michigan
Survey Methodologist
Ph.D. Candidate
Los Angeles, CA May 2012 (MS)
Wells-Flammang, Meg Self-Employed SAHM Tampa, FL May 1999 (MS)
Witt-Swanson, Lindsey Bureau of Sociological Research Assistant Director Lincoln, NE May 2009 (MS)
Wood, Heather Nebraska DHHS, Division of Behavioral Health Quality Improvement and Data Performance Administrator Lincoln, NE May 2010
Wright-Rosenberg, Reagan Elkhorn Public Schools School Psychologist Elkhorn, NE May 2000 (MS)
Yeo, Justine Nebraska Department of Education Statistical Research Specialist Lincoln, NE May 2016 (MS)
Yu, Feng IMS Health Statistician Washington, DC Dec 2005 (MS)
Yu, Mandi National Cancer Institute Statistician Washington, DC May 2004 (MS)
Yuen, Lok Wa May 2017 (MS)
Zeng, Wei NORC, University of Chicago Statistician Chicago, IL Aug 2008 (MS)
Zhao, Jie NORC, University of Chicago Statistician Chicago, IL Aug 2010 (MS)
Zhao, Xinghua Essence Digital Associate Director New York City, NY Aug 2002 (MS)
Zhou, Quan Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) Project Manager Lincoln, NE May 2014 (MS)