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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business has a strong tradition in Ph.D. education. As part of the Big Ten Conference, Nebraska aspires to set a higher standard of excellence in doctoral education and research.

The college is proud of its internationally recognized research faculty and the successful placement of Ph.D. graduates at universities around the world. The Ph.D. programs provide a supportive atmosphere with faculty who are committed to the programs and the success of the students. As a founding member of the AACSB, doctoral education is a cornerstone of the college’s strategic mission.

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Areas of Study

Not every specialization area admits students every year; please check with the area coordinator about expected admissions before submitting your application. Openings for Fall 2019 are available in all areas except Management and Survey Research and Methodology (SRAM). SRAM is no longer accepting new students. Minors in Business (specialized or general) are available to non-Business Ph.D. students (15 credit hours).


Ph.D. students attend seminar
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Doctoral Minor in Business

A doctoral student may declare in their Program of Studies a doctoral minor in Business from the College of Business (CoB). Per Graduate School requirements, the minor's credit hours are included in the total for the doctoral program and must include at least 15 hours, with 6 hours in courses open exclusively to graduate students (900 level, or 800 level without 400 level or lower counterparts). The specific courses for any student may come from one or more of the following Departments within the CoB:

• Accounting
• Finance
• Management
• Marketing

This minor is designed to allow individual students from outside the CoB (doctoral students from CoB Programs are not eligible for this minor) to select those courses that best supplement their doctoral major at UNL. UNL doctoral students choosing the Business Minor may want to take courses from more than one CoB Department and pursue breadth of knowledge of business, while others may take their courses from within a specific CoB Department. For example, UNL doctoral students from programs that emphasize Administration (e.g., health, public, education) might take courses from the Management Department; students from Math may be especially interested in doctoral courses in the Finance Department; and students from Psychology might focus their CoB courses in the Marketing Department. The CoB Doctoral Minor is flexible and students can develop the minor that will best advance their career objectives.

Recent Doctoral Graduates

Name Dissertation Year Department
Andrea Lynn Matthews Perceived Authenticity in Human-Branded Services 2018 Marketing
Arvind Agrawal The Effect of Immediate and Delayed Payments on Consumption Behavior 2018 Marketing
Steven Schlachter An Empirical and Theoretical Investigation of the Complexities of Employee Referrals in Organizations 2018 Management

Why Nebraska?

The city of Lincoln consistently ranks among the highest U.S. cities for livability thanks to a low cost of living, great schools and friendly, community-minded residents. Set amidst a big sky and open landscape, the city is simple to navigate with a nationally noted low crime rate, a wide range of housing choices and a reliable public transit system. As one of the fastest growing metro areas in the Midwest, Lincoln boasts a growing technology sector, more parkland per capita than all but a few U.S. cities, an extensive bike trail network and numerous options for recreational and personal interest activities. It’s easy to feel at home here.

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Cost of Living Comparison (2018)

  Lincoln Ann Arbor Boston Austin College Station Raleigh Seattle United States
Overall 96 127 182 130 99 111 204 100
Grocery 92.9 90.7 105.7 88.7 87.5 93.4 100.4 100
Health 120 90 83 92 91 103 82 100
Housing 94 190 314 185 125 139 407 100
Utilities 92 99 117 99 96 99 69 100
Transportation 87 115 152 131 83 100 157 100
Miscellaneous 98 95 129 100 89 98 120 100

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Program Deadlines

Accountancy - Fall (January 1)
Finance - Fall (January 1)
Management - Fall (January 1)
Marketing - Fall (January 1)
Economics - Fall (March 1) and Spring (October 31)


Near, Janet P
Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Howard Hawks Chair in Business Ethics and Leadership and Professor of Management
HLH 301 E
P.O. Box 880405
Lincoln, NE 68588-0405