INSIDE Nebraska Business - May 2020
Inside Nebraska Business
Kathy's Point: Celebrating and Supporting Each Other

As the spring semester ends, I find myself reflecting on how proud I am of the resilience of our students, faculty and staff during this unprecedented time. The uncertainty surrounding all of us » FULL STORY

Team Projects Flourish in Remote Learning Environment

Completing student team projects remotely creates challenges, but what happens when the company students need to interact with also transitions to a remote environment? University of » FULL STORY

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Hunter Bergman
Participating in State Conference Online

In just his second semester at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Hunter Bergman headed back home to Neligh » FULL STORY

Les Carlson
Tackling Remote Learning Challenges

Nearly 35 years into his career and two months from retirement, Dr. Les Carlson discovered his old way of teaching all had to » FULL STORY

Christine Martinez-Pfiffner, ’87 and ’90
Braving New Frontiers in Litigation

Christine Martinez-Pfiffner, ’87 and ’90, knows how it feels to step outside your comfort zone. Adjusting during » FULL STORY

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